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1. Be respectful to one another.

Self-explanatory. The occasional flame during a heated exchange is fine, but once discussion devolves into personal attacks, posts will be deleted and the instigators will be officially warned. Subsequent incidents will result in a 2 week ban.

2. Do not ask for a game for ANY reason.

This includes asking for download links to the games, or asking where to find a game (especially if it is already purchasable). This also includes asking for somebody to PM you either of the two. Failure to follow this rule will result in an immediate 1 week ban. Exemptions to this rule are as follows:
  • Asking for a save file.
  • Asking for a certain game file due to technical issues.
  • Reporting a dead link in the thread. Note that this does not mean you are allowed to ask for a link or PM. You are only allowed to report that links are down. You must include a quote to the dead link in question. This also extends to dead translation links.
This rule only applies to ASKING for links. The only rule for POSTING links is that it’s not already banned content and the developer hasn’t explicitly asked not for links to be distributed.

3. Thread Creation

When creating a thread, the following points must be adhered to. Not including them will result in the thread being deleted, no matter how many posts the thread gets before a moderator sees it. Subsequent reposts of the same thread, without following the rules will result in a 3 day ban. All other rules will apply.

  • Thread title must follow this format, as applicable:
    • [Author’s Name] Title of game in primary language / Title of game in English, if official translation exists. This is optional. (RJ Number, if applicable)
    • If a direct translation to the name does not exist, do not attempt to add a machine translation or make your own title.
      • If you have any questions or concerns about what to put as the title, just default to the original language, with the original name
    • If RJ number does not exist, then there is no need to add it.
    • Thread title must have appropriately attached prefix tag to it.
    • Threads may be allowed to use the parentheses for other circumstances, so long as a moderator approves of it
      • Circumstances are usually any highly relevant information about the thread, such as remakes or mods of a game or a localization
    • The parentheses () at the end may be used for RJ numbers, or for pertinent information that explains to the user what the thread is about. For example, an official localization of a game may have "(Localized by: *Company*)" rather than the RJ number. Inappropriate usage would include putting the genre, completion status, or latest update.

  • Thread OP must contain the minimum information:
    • Link to source of the game’s information (DLSite, blog, etc)
    • A brief description of the game in terms of gameplay
    • Explain controls, if possible.
      • Some leniency will be granted, depending on the game.
      • ACT games will be expected to have much more explanation than an RPGMaker game with standard controls.
    • Explain brief summary of premise of game (genre, story, what to do, etc)
      • Fetishes in the game should be added
      • The following content MUST be explicitly mentioned in the OP
        • Guro/Ryona
        • Vore
        • NTR
        • Loli/Shota
If a game is not far enough in development to be able to provide this information, add as much as you can (Speculation, images, developer updates). OPs are expected to update until it can meet the original top requirements.

If so little information exists, then you must make the thread in the H-Games Discussion section until enough information can be retrieved.

4. Threads with loli/shota discussion are allowed. Loli and shota content are NOT allowed under any circumstances.

Threads are allowed to discuss the content, but may not share them in public view. Do not link pictures of them. Do not link game downloads that contain underage content. The only exception to this rule is the thread OP, when linking the source of the game’s information, within reason. Even then, ONLY provide the link to the source. Do not post DLSite preview images, unless there is no explicitly sexual content (nudity is NOT allowed). Failure to adhere to this will result in an immediate 3 day ban.

The forum will adhere to the “appearance” guideline. Simply put, if it looks underage, it is underage.

5. Crowdfunded games that are incomplete are not be be posted here.

Post them in the Under Construction sub-section. If the game is completed, they may be posted here.

6. Modifications or large additions to games are allowed their own thread.

The base game should already contain adult content to be allowed on the H-Games section; otherwise, it should be kept in the General Discussion section. These threads must still follow OP standards. Games that fall under this definition are:
  • Official localization
  • Official DLC to games
  • Official and unofficial mods to games
  • Different iterations/versions of a game that utilize a core base game. They could even be developed by different people (Examples include the Legend of Krystal games and the different ROA versions)
  • Note that this is not a requirement. If you wish to discuss these topics in the base game's thread, you are free to do so.
This rule is made to allow for flexibility in posting games that do not necessarily fit the definition of a game, but are significant enough to warrant its own thread.

All rules are subject to moderator discretion.
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