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Nov 12, 2014
A thread for Osawari Island, the newest game on Nutaku, !

Launching Thursday, September 17th!

Coming Soon!

An event guide by Astearic

The Villain Returns! Operation Punishment

Once again there will be 3 area's though seems there is not as much info regarding certain things but I will put down what is there. I also am putting my own opinions about each eromon and how I think they fare. Take with a big grain of salt as they are just my feelings towards them. If people dislike say so and I can just remove it.

Assuming it follows the same formula this will be the eromon that will show up on all maps, she is new (assuming they don't change it)


She is an emerald and seems to have a skill that will aoe speed decrease. Though seems to be small in effect and large in cost. Her other stats are pretty solid though nothing amazing.
Phase 1
The area's boss is a SSR (Topaz)
Oda Mifuyu

She is topz, being a SSR her stats are not too good, barely breaking 200 speed, though she can hold 3 specials to help with that. Her atk/def are low though with her provcation being high. Her skill increases only her own defense, though it will be a decent increase.

Event Area 1's Legend (Ruby)
Chikashi Sana

She is a Ruby and has a decent attack, unfortunately a slightly sub 200 speed means you prob want to get a speed special on her to help with it. For her skill its a single target ruby damaging skill. It is not as powerful as Direshia but it isn't bad.

Phase 2
Phase 2 does not have any info except for the 2 event eromon that will be shown, however going on there page shows how they are gotten, so I will be basing what I say on that. Take with a grain of salt.

The boss is a Legend (Sapphire)
Ayano Tojo (Yandere? :p.)

She has all around pretty solid stats with a weakness of only 2 special slots. She has nearly 2k attack with a nice lead on being over 200 speed. Her skill is lacking though (low dmg single sapphire dmg attack), consider replacing for something better if you want.

Event Area 2's legend. (Sapphire)
Miyashita Yuma

She has some really nice stats with one glaring weakness. Her speed is in the tank at 145 at max level. Even a special book will not get it above 200. However the reason for this is her skill a mid range speed booster. Using it will give her a nice speed boost, so if your willing to use a skill (and special book speed up) to get her up to par speed she is a solid unit.

Also if you are willing, consider transferring a better speed up (a 75 power one from another girl, Affy is craftable through alchemy and has a 75 power speed boost.)

Phase 3
Phase 3 is like 2 that I don't have all the info available. However like 2 I will use the eromon's personal info say what they are.

Area 3's Legend boss (Ruby)
Rump-knecht (yessss)

Her stats are pretty average to low, barring a high provocation and decent defense. Her skill is slightly better than Sana's but with her 500 less attack she can't make use of it as well. She is more of a defense eromon and if you wanted could give her a skill to help with supporting others. She also only has 2 special slots.

Area 3's random legend (Ruby)
Kurii Mii

Kurii is a solid unit. Decent stats all the way around with a good speed and decent attack. Depending on how you would like her built, her skill may or may not need to be changed. Its a solid skill of large all enemy attack decrease. Though if you want to use her more as an attack you may want to give her an attack skill, but don't look down at atk down skills, they can be very handy to have.

Do not have an ep chart this time but its possible that its similar to the first event's therefore I will simply link that until the event then might change it if its highly different.

Also to take note is that the 70k reward eromon seems to be different. In the original event the girl was. (Sapphire)
Kurakake Goma

She has decent all around stats except for a low hp count. Though this is because of her very high 2131 defense. She is definitely a defensive eromon and her skill backs that up by being an 1100 aoe heal (best heal in game) to allow everyone to keep going. She would be a good eromon to have so hopefully she is indeed still coming over.

Now as to why she might/prob been changed is because slightly loliness. Though it doesn't even seem that bad. Here is her SL scene (NSFW)
SL Scene, NSFW

Little annoyed since doesn't seem that bad so hopefully she is indeed in but who knows.
What I believe will be our 70k reward will be this girl who is also an SSR (Emerald) instead of Goma who is an SL. (Edit: Seems that Yogami is actually a 50 percent Ep booster, so maybe (hopefully) Goma will indeed be available, only time will tell I guess. I'll keep this here so that it makes at least some sense.)
Maria Yogami

For a SSR she has decent stats, sort of like Izanai though her speed is a lot lower, but still above 200. Her skill is called powerful gift but unkown what it does.

These are the EP boosters
30% Ep boost Legend (Emerald)
Ayano Tojo

She has pretty nice stats expect for her only average speed. She leans slightly towards being a more defensive eromon with her more def than and her skill which is an all ally defense increase.

20% Ep boost SSR (Topaz)
Hani Kumano

She is a very nice SSR, she is like Izanai except she trades some MP and speed for solid attack and defense. Her skill a pretty high damaging topaz element single target attack. It is currently the strongest single target topaz attack in the game. Only bad thing is her 2 special slots, otherwise she is a very good SSR to have.

20% Ep boost SSR (Emerald)
Pasuko Yamazaki

Unlike some of the other SSR she isn't as amazing. She has average stats with slightly under 200 speed. Her skill is nice though at being an aoe defense decreasing, increasing your teams damage. With that she becomes a good support that is helped by her higher defense.

These are not on the below tab but can be seen on the banner's on the gacha page and startup.

50% Ep boost SSR (Emerald)
Maria Yogami

For a SSR she has decent stats, sort of like Izanai though her speed is a lot lower, but still above 200. Her skill is called powerful gift but unkown what it does.

50% Ep boost SSR (Sapphire)
Ririchiyo Setsuna

She has average stats with below average speed. Giving her a speed up would make her a decent unit though. Her skill is unknown.

30% Ep Boost SL (Sapphire)

She is a really good unit. Very high attack with pretty good quickness. Moderate hp and provacation with slight above average defense. Her skill is called Hungry rabbit but is unknown as to what it does.

100% (Yikes) Ep Boost SL (Topaz)
Mahuyu Naruru

Solid SL unit, all stats are pretty good. Her skill is a slightly worse than max speed buff (10 power off). Being topaz if you wanted to keep a speed you could give Affy and level that way. Could also give her an attack skill if desired, her nice attack would use it well.

The top 500 rank Legend (Emerald). In the original it didn't seem to have the combo/damage rankings but for ours it does. So also top 100 for those two.
Ryo Sasai

Her stats are similar to the previous top 500 rank eromon Lady. She has very nice stats, higher defense than attack, leaning her slightly more defensive. She does come with a moderately powerful emerald aoe attack which can be nice.

Here is a table that compares all available event eromon side by side that was made by Mastar-san, can even see the little chibis. Thanks to him for making it.
               <img src="http://image01.seesaawiki.jp/y/i/yukeyukeosawari/c9f8ca2f07bca3f7.png" border="0" width="80">      <img src="http://image01.seesaawiki.jp/y/i/yukeyukeosawari/4c7c17a6b0f13423.png" border="0" width="80">     <img src="http://image01.seesaawiki.jp/y/i/yukeyukeosawari/da3053f303267dea.png" border="0" width="80">     <img src="http://image01.seesaawiki.jp/y/i/yukeyukeosawari/1c3efa05b9e83088.png" border="0" width="80">      <img src="http://image01.seesaawiki.jp/y/i/yukeyukeosawari/4884945bb6f0214f.png" border="0" width="80">      <img src="http://image02.seesaawiki.jp/y/i/yukeyukeosawari/729bb534f08e5661.png" border="0" width="80">   <img src="http://image02.seesaawiki.jp/y/i/yukeyukeosawari/8daca9481e4a7ad5.png" border="0" width="80">    <img src="http://image01.seesaawiki.jp/y/i/yukeyukeosawari/f8a76d94271acab1.png" border="0" width="80">     <img src="http://image02.seesaawiki.jp/y/i/yukeyukeosawari/275b2d4b7eb4ce8c.png" border="0" width="80">     <img src="http://image02.seesaawiki.jp/y/i/yukeyukeosawari/d736f32b31626c3d.png" border="0" width="80">       <img src="http://image02.seesaawiki.jp/y/i/yukeyukeosawari/5a5ccd021b1a5b35.png" border="0" width="80">      <img src="http://image02.seesaawiki.jp/y/i/yukeyukeosawari/fb0ff1c2605c359f.png" border="0" width="80">         <img src="http://image02.seesaawiki.jp/y/i/yukeyukeosawari/385077099a470ee9.png" border="0" width="80">   <img src="http://image02.seesaawiki.jp/y/i/yukeyukeosawari/6b6f8cfbb97aad31.png" border="0" width="80">      <img src="http://image01.seesaawiki.jp/y/i/yukeyukeosawari/7fde88da9a3ad9d6.png" border="0" width="80">       <img src="http://image02.seesaawiki.jp/y/i/yukeyukeosawari/1664354fb26efd67.png" border="0" width="80">          
|           | [URL="http://seesaawiki.jp/yukeyukeosawari/d/%c8%d7%b4%f0%bb%d2"][COLOR=#009e25]Motoko[/COLOR][/URL]         | [URL="http://seesaawiki.jp/yukeyukeosawari/d/%be%ae%c5%c4%c8%fe%c5%df"][COLOR=#ffaa00]Oda Mifuyu[/COLOR][/URL]    | [URL="http://seesaawiki.jp/yukeyukeosawari/d/%ce%d9%bc%d3%c6%e0"][COLOR=#ff0000]Chikashi Sana[/COLOR][/URL] | [URL="http://seesaawiki.jp/yukeyukeosawari/d/%b9%e2%b2%ac%b3%a4%c7%b5"][COLOR=#0075c8]Takaoka Umino[/COLOR][/URL]¹ | [URL="http://seesaawiki.jp/yukeyukeosawari/d/%b5%dc%b2%bc%a4%e6%a4%de"][COLOR=#0075c8]Miyashita Yuma[/COLOR][/URL] | [URL="http://seesaawiki.jp/yukeyukeosawari/d/%a5%eb%a5%f3%a5%d7%a1%a6%a5%af%a5%cd%a5%d2%a5%c8"][COLOR=#ff0000]Rump-knecht[/COLOR][/URL] | [URL="http://seesaawiki.jp/yukeyukeosawari/d/%b7%aa%b0%e6%a4%df%a4%a4"][COLOR=#ff0000]Kurii Mii[/COLOR][/URL]    | [URL="http://seesaawiki.jp/yukeyukeosawari/d/%c5%ec%db%ea%ba%cc%c7%b5"][COLOR=#009e25]Ayano Tojo[/COLOR][/URL]    | [URL="http://seesaawiki.jp/yukeyukeosawari/d/%b7%a7%cc%ee%a5%cf%a5%cb"][COLOR=#ffaa00]Hani Kumano[/COLOR][/URL]   | [URL="http://seesaawiki.jp/yukeyukeosawari/d/%bb%b3%ba%ea%a4%d1%a4%b9%bb%d2"][COLOR=#009e25]Pasuko Yamazaki[/COLOR][/URL] | [URL="http://seesaawiki.jp/yukeyukeosawari/d/%cc%eb%bf%c0%c0%bb%bd%f7"][COLOR=#009e25]Maria Yogami[/COLOR][/URL]   | [URL="http://seesaawiki.jp/yukeyukeosawari/d/%c0%e3%c6%e1%d1%db%a1%b9%c4%b3"][COLOR=#0075c8]Ririchiyo Setsuna[/COLOR][/URL] | [URL="http://seesaawiki.jp/yukeyukeosawari/d/%a5%a2%a5%eb%a5%df%a5%e9"][COLOR=#0075c8]Almira[/COLOR][/URL]     | [URL="http://seesaawiki.jp/yukeyukeosawari/d/%bf%bf%c5%df%a4%ca%a4%eb%a4%eb"][COLOR=#ffaa00]Mahuyu Naruru[/COLOR][/URL] | [URL="http://seesaawiki.jp/yukeyukeosawari/d/%bc%c4%b0%e6%ce%c3"][COLOR=#009e25]Ryo Sasai[/COLOR][/URL]       | [URL="http://seesaawiki.jp/yukeyukeosawari/d/%c1%d2%b3%dd%a4%b4%a4%de"][COLOR=#0075c8]Kurakake Goma[/COLOR][/URL]³    |  ||
| HP        | 5625           | 4186          | 5355          | 5290           | 6120           | 4420        | 5590         | 5595          | 5490          | 5645            | 5120           | 5235              | 5570       | 6530          | 6275            | 4440              |  ||
| MP        | 1184           | 1239          | 1196          | 962            | 1337           | 1301        | 1325         | 1214          | 712           | 1122            | 1052           | 1219              | 1289       | 1247          | 1313            | 1123              |  ||
| Atk       | 1868           | 1367          | 2066          | 1943           | 1925           | 1527        | 1871         | 1977          | 1903          | 1509            | 1692           | 1523              | 2116       | 2083          | 2000            | 1578              |  ||
| Def       | 1855           | 1462          | 1462          | 1807           | 2005           | 1808        | 1634         | 2195          | 1768          | 1632            | 1692           | 1857              | 1836       | 1921          | 2175            | 2131              |  ||
| Prov      | 939            | 600           | 681           | 801            | 801            | 879         | 569          | 879           | 436           | 627             | 681            | 610               | 639        | 686           | 1125            | 622               |  ||
| Speed     | 232            | 201           | 196           | 221            | 145            | 197         | 247          | 207           | 222           | 192             | 215            | 183               | 253        | 242           | 260             | 241               |  ||
| S.Slot    | 3              | 3             | ?             | 2              | ?              | 2           | ?            | ?             | 2             | 3               | ?              | ?                 | ?          | 3             | ?               | 3                 |  ||
| Skill     | Speed AoE -5   | Def. Self +75 | R. Dmg 850    | S. Dmg 570     | Speed +45      | R. AoE 890  | Atk AoE -35  | Def AoE +?    | T. AoE 920    | Def AoE -20     | ?              | ?                 | ?          | Speed +65     | E. AoE 760      | Heal 1100         |  ||
| S.cost    | 1250           | 1490          | 1200          | 850            | 880            | 1500        | 1650         | ?             | 1200          | 990             | ?              |                   |            | 740           | 1150            | 1540              |  ||
| Found at. | All Event Maps | E1-12_15      | E1-9_15       | E2-12_15       | E2-9_15        | E3-12_15    | E3-9_15      | Gacha +30% Ep | Gacha +20% Ep | Gacha +20% Ep   | Gacha +50%     | Gacha +50%        | Gacha +30% | Gacha +100%   | Rank Reward     | Jp 70k Ep Reward³ |  ||
|           | and Area 6     |               | [URL="http://seesaawiki.jp/yukeyukeosawari/d/%c9%fc%b3%e8%20%a4%a8%a4%ed%a5%e2%a5%f3%ba%c6%b2%f1%ba%d7"]Maybe Here[/URL]    |                | [URL="http://seesaawiki.jp/yukeyukeosawari/d/%c9%fc%b3%e8%20%a4%a8%a4%ed%a5%e2%a5%f3%ba%c6%b2%f1%ba%d7"]Maybe Here[/URL]     |             | [URL="http://seesaawiki.jp/yukeyukeosawari/d/%c9%fc%b3%e8%20%a4%a8%a4%ed%a5%e2%a5%f3%ba%c6%b2%f1%ba%d7"]Maybe Here[/URL]   |               |               |                 | 70k Ep Reward² |                   |            |               |                 |                   |  ||

¹ Belive Nutako put wrong name (Ayano Tojo)
² and ³ Following Astearic Info
Credits to http://seesaawiki.jp/yukeyukeosawari/ and Astearic Post

What is Osawari Island?

It’s the Chibi Adventure Game you’ve all been waiting for! In this action-packed adventure you will find yourself on an island filled with fantastical Eromons, the spirits of the most beautiful women in the land. It’s your job to hunt them down and bring them back to the lab for some sexy experimentation. Add defeated Eromon to your team, level them up through battle, and explore the colorful mystery of Osawari Island.


Eromon are the inhabitants of the island that you will capture and turn into your soldiers. You can unlock their sexy scenes and new voice packs by enhancing them with Lovey Dovey Hearts. Each time you enhance them with Lovey Dovey Hearts they will gain strength.


Heading out on a quest will take you to your next battle, as you make your way through each area a new section of quests will become available to you. In each quest you will use 8 of your strongest Eromons to fight against bosses and their minions; this will give your team experience, and provide you with an opportunity to capture some new allies.


In the missions tab at the top of your “Research Center” screen, you will find a list of all things you will be rewarded for completing. Make sure to check it daily to see what to gifts you’ll receive.


Pretty straightforward, you use the Gacha to get new Eromon. Here you will find the Multi-Spin Gacha, Rank Up Gacha, Ticket Gacha and the Gacha Point section.

Move Up Enhance

This is where you will work on your Eromon’s Moves. You can feed your weaker Eromon to stronger ones to increase the strength of their special moves. When you level up a Move it will cost less, which means you can use it more in battle. You can also use the Move Up Drink to level up the Move of an Eromon.

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Tentacle God
Oct 23, 2013
Re: [Nutaku] Osawari Island

So, it's a Pokemone type like game where you capture girls, force them to battle and make them have sex.

Okay, yeah , sign me up!


Demon Girl Pro
Jul 19, 2013
Re: [Nutaku] Osawari Island

Do we also get the Debug Menu?

I know it wont matter much since probably I'll go to sleep before, but any estimate at which hour will it launch?
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Demon Girl Master
Nov 23, 2014
Re: [Nutaku] Osawari Island

I hope it's more like Aigis and not like the last released ones.
Not gameplaywise but how enjoyable and rewarding it is.


Tentacle God
Sep 18, 2014
Re: [Nutaku] Osawari Island

Im hoping the H Content is not impossible to access like it is in Angelic Saga.

But it looks pretty fun anyway.


Mystic Girl
Jan 6, 2015
Re: [Nutaku] Osawari Island

No matter what it takes... purple-haired bondage catgirl will be mine!


Tentacle God
Sep 22, 2012
Re: [Nutaku] Osawari Island

Replaced contents of original post.

1. Don't bother breaking down units for alchemy materials. Release them for gold or use them for reducing skill mana cost or leveling skills.

2. Don't bother with alchemy unless you have 500 of each color grade 1 stones. Most of the earlier recipes give you cards you can find in quests, the 500 all has some cards that aren't quest dropped. 350 all colors often gives cards, but it doesn't have some of the higher cards only found in 500x all.

3. When doing regular point gacha, ALWAYS use 10x summon.

4. Can't confirm, but supposedly according to someone else, you can use your R gacha tickets to get event units when the event comes. So I'd hold onto them for now until proven otherwise.

5. When starting out, do everything on 3x mode(Located above stage select). You can farm for cards later when you stop gaining a level per stamina bar.

6. One of the daily quests gives you a special skill book * and 2*. VERY important to not miss this quest. Use the 1* on your temporary units and 2* on units you plan to use for a long time. Books assign you a random skill, 2* gives better specials than 1*.

7. For daily quests involving free exp, get your characters close to leveling then use free exp to finish off the level. For move up quest, combine 1 unit at a time, but on the last bit of xp, put the max amount of units so you don't have to pay their full cost on the next level.

8. Select your first units based on their speed. Having all your units at 150+ speed makes maintaining combos a lot easier. Later on if you can get 3 units with about the same high speed, they can maintain a combo without you even watching the game.

9. In the menu there's a Friend Invite option, getting 10 people to use your code gets you a free SSR.

10. If you want to farm for gacha points Stage 1-5 is the best for it since you don't get elemental crystals taking up spaces. However, you lose the chance of getting gems for R and HR cards doing this.

11. You can exchange your gems and fairies by going to shop and into the shop exchange tab. 500 fairies = 1 mini stamina potions, 300 Gem(s) = 1 r+ Gacha, 800 Gem(m) = 1 HR+ gacha

12. Enhancing your units with hearts increase their stats, so do it to your main party first, then your waifus.

13. To enhance skill effects, you need a card with the same skill and same element.

14. Stages with a chance to drop an HR that upgrades to SR:
1-2 1-4 Yellow type HR 19% catch rate
2-7 2-11 Blue type HR 18% catch rate
3-7 3-10 Green type HR 16% catch rate
4-11 Blue type HR 17% catch rate
5-5 5-6 5-7 5-11 5-12 Red type HR 21% catch rate

15. If you find you messed up your combo and your characters gauges won't refill in time, you can click the menu button at the top right and use an item. The elemental gummy will continue your combo. This is a last resort if none of your characters have an attack skill up.

16. To change your main menu character go to Eromon -> Owned Eromon List -> Click the character you want, then click the button that says Pick Research Center Character.

17. As you finish levels, butterflies and Gem(S,M) drop. You can use these by pressing the Shop button located at the top right of the screen, then clicking the exchange button at the bottom right.

18. You can change your team's target by clicking on an enemy you want to attack.

19. With the R or Higher and HR or Higher gacha tickets, you can save up 10 of them and spin it like normal gacha 10x.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will characters I get rid of remain in my Album?
A. Yes

Q. Does it make a difference if I enhance my character to the next rarity early compared to late?
A. No, you gain some stats but get an increased level cap to get them back and surpass them. Example

Q. How to I get credit for the Move Up daily mission?
A.Move Up Daily Mission Make sure you have annotations turned on.

Q. How do I increase the damage on my skills?
A. Move Power Up Make sure you have annotations turned on.

Q. What does Power of Action for daily mission mean?
A. Power of Action is just stamina. So the game's telling you to use up 500 stamina a day for all rewards.

Will add more later when the questions come along.
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Tentacle Monster
Jun 4, 2013
Re: [Nutaku] Osawari Island

played the Jap version but was not sure how to play
guess will give the Eng version a try


Tentacle God
Jan 24, 2013
Re: [Nutaku] Osawari Island

All i remember this game is stacking up combo and choose your team skill well (like 1st fox boss have party heal skill)
Well i guess the game is pretty addicting at beginning at least for me, cuz been playing with combo as high possible.
But somewhere mid game the enemy just died too fast + i had stupid luck with the capture rate for rare spawn -.- (cash item for 100% capture rate)

PS: just encountering the boss etc will not always have them pop in capture chance screen.


Mystic Girl
Jan 6, 2015
Re: [Nutaku] Osawari Island

You heard him! Time to put said cat girl in premium gacha only!
*Holds wallet over the fires of Mount Doom, smiling maniacally* "No. Matter. What." *releases wallet*


Demon Girl Pro
Feb 20, 2013
Re: [Nutaku] Osawari Island

It's Thursday when does the game actually come out?


Tentacle God
Feb 23, 2012
Re: [Nutaku] Osawari Island

depends. they aren't america based since all their games servers reset at night. for instance all events for Angelic Saga start and end 1am PST (or was it 2, i forget).

i think aigis reset every 4 or 5 am pst.

who knows what they'll do with OI.


Evard's Tentacles of Forced Intrusion
Mar 3, 2015
Re: [Nutaku] Osawari Island

It came back up 5 mins later.
yep, it even returned me to capture screen=) but now is down again

By the way - got bit lucky two times - nothing special but still something


Demon Girl Master
Jan 13, 2013
Re: [Nutaku] Osawari Island

It came back up 5 mins later.
Just went down for me. PeroPero Seduction and Lord of Valkyrie are still working fine, so at least it's easy to confirm that it's just this one game.


Demon Girl Master
Nov 23, 2014
Re: [Nutaku] Osawari Island

It seems like it's gonna be my new favorite game, if i could actually play it.
Crashing every few minutes. :confused:

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