Corruption Tournament: Gates of Heaven


Jungle Girl
Dec 29, 2012
Gates of Heaven Entrance
Tags: in the realm

Stamina: 22-7=15
Physical: 11
Sexual: 7-1=6
Mental: 16

"Y-yes s-sir" Aya's body starts moving on it's own and runs her slit along his rod...slowly she sets herself down on his large cock. Sexual attack 1d10+6=14
"Ahhhhh, it good, I can bearly stand!" Her inexperienced folds ravaged by such powerful monster as she bounced up and down, up and down.


New member
Oct 27, 2018
Gates of Heaven Entrance
Tags: in the realm

Stamina: 14-2=12
Physical: 11
Sexual: 18
Mental: 21

(Defence 1d10+18=23, 9 stamina) Zepoh puts Aya into a full nelson so she can't reach back and hit him, then proceeds to slam her down on his cock eliciting long moans of pleasure as he drills her pussy to orgasm then while Aya is still a little cum drunk he puts a few tentacles in her ears then the rest proceed to take off her bra and fondle her sensitive titties. "aren't you even going to fight back oh that's right you can bearly think let alone find a way out, just let the pleasure wash over you little one, enjoy it." he laughs as he hungrily devours her quivering hole and assaults her breasts. (sexual attack 1d10+18-2=23)

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